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In order to understand Life, BuILD soil

Building soil ecosystems is like growing the forests and harvesting the biomass in order to construct the homes that will house the people who will build a nation. It takes times and it ain't that simple.

In order to actually build these ecosystems, we need to understand something about interactions and the flow of information and value within the ecosystem. Beyond just sequestering carbon in soil organic matter, we should look at building LIVING biomass ... not just plants, animals, fungi and microbes above the surfact, but also ocean, lake and soil ecosystems ... carbon sequestration that is only about elemental carbon or even carbon dioxide or decaying organic material is not really that interesting ... if we want to radically improve the value of carbon, we should think in terms of MORE life, not just nutrient reserves of C. There are plenty of other lessons or metaphors to learn from. For example, we should remember that nations are not just constructed from piles of resources -- culture and values of the people who work and strive to build the nation must be healthy and solid.