There is so much spectacular scenery around us ... in the larger universe or "at the bottom" in nanoscale or across the electromagnetic spectrum, in the artistic realm or other different realms that can be sensed and experienced ... there's so much to do, to explore, to appreciate, to learn in so many different realms and dimensions.

We truly are more and more fortunate all of the time, but affluence can lead to a sense of entitlement or worse, an attitude of indifference toward beauty and difficulty. Pathologically, this leads to being more disturbed by what we lack rather than being grateful for what is there.

When we focus upon things that disturb us we miss the infinite potential of our lives in this great universe. Wherever we look, there IS indeed nothingness ... it is the nothingness of nothing but opportunity and nothing except what we can create.

For those to tend to gravitate toward the value and potential that we find in tough, infinitely incomprehensible situations ... reach out to MarkBruns AT -- tell me how I can be of service to you.