The Essence Of Being a Warrior ...

... is to never give up on yourself.

What is currently especially interesting to you?

I hope that your failures, weaknesses and shortcomings are most of what is currently especially interesting to you ... but there's nothing more boring, pathetic and utterly hopeless than some arrogant fool who finds their PAST accomplishments, personal perceptions of abilities or [delusional visions of] superpowers to be especially interesting.

The INTERESTING things are the things that you are GOING TO DO ... don't look back, you are not going that way -- only old, senile fools ready to die look back. Warriors look forward to great battles ... and if you want to be ready for battle, you must always be sharpening your blades and building your capacity to defend and fight. That's why your failures, weaknesses, shortcomings should interest you -- you should be about making your edge keener, about overcoming your weaknesses and prioritizing risks in order to most efficiently take the opportunities for failure out of the equation.

I firmly believe in a constant "upgrade yourself" approach to life and interests ... I have NO sympathy whatsoever for television/video watchers who squander their lives; unfortunately, most people do not understand that each hour spent watching television or films reduces a human lifespan by an hour and a half. It's not just the time wasted on escapism and distraction -- it's ALSO about being programmed during that hour of passive content consumption to eat things that you shouldn't eat, to buy things that you don't need, lust after things that will only provide more stress and angst ... instead of being bored with life, you must attack the opportunities and savor each moment ... EACH DAY has 86,400 seconds ... each moment is an opportunity to BE PRESENT in your life and to focus on what is especially interesting to you ... I will suggest that you KNOW what you you should be working on ... if you need suggestions, consider starting with one productivity habit which you have identified as an opportunity for improvement -- after you have identified that opportunity and tackled it, you will find tens or even hundreds of other things to work on ... but please get out of your comfort zone, stop imagining work on what is most interesting to you.

What are your biggest concerns or fears?

I am a Stoic ... which is to say that I work at maintaining a disciplined life that is not governed by fear or worry. I might flinch or react involuntarily, but I see something like fear as opportunity ... I understand that bullies and predators who attempt to use fear do so because they lack strength and skill to prevail without attempting to intimidate or use fear.

My stoicism is not terribly complicated, but it is very different from the manner in which most people hysterically approach fears. You could say that my approach is systematic, cold, mechanical, mathematical. When life gives me X, I choose Y to optimize the function f (X,Y) ... I don't fear X or worry too much about what X will be; I know that there will always be a pretty decent Y for any given X. Of course, optimizing f(X,Y) sounds simple and straightforward EXCEPT that the difficulty is that when life gives us X, it doesn't explain what the equation for f(X,Y) looks like. This ambiguity or lack of a full explanation is in effect the multiplier of fears and concerns -- so, it's not really a surprise that many people's lives completely unravel when life gives them X ... for example, when life gives them cancer, they are immediately overwhelmed and give up entirely to trust whatever the experts suggest ... they do not understand that they need to figure out what has made their cancer a threat to them, ie not just the cause initially (ie we ALL have cancer in our systems), but what about their lifestyle/diet/habits made it possible for their immune system to fail to eliminate the cancer. The reason why they must figure out the solution to this problem is not for their own sake or for their own lives, but they must figure this out for the lives of others who come after them ... they must figure out the f(X,Y) equation so that they can select the best Y ... not for themselves, but for those who follow.

Because of my experience or success ... or perhaps, some would say, because of my incredibly hard-headed, recalcitrant stupidity ... I have a pretty strong level confidence and a generally solid freedom from worry or doubt. I think that I still remember quite clearly what it means to have worries or fears -- but I just don't really have any irrational, hysterical fears any more.

Of course, I am still human, I still sense fear even if I don't let it intimidate me. I get hungry, but I don't immediately rush to feed myself. I still feel pain so I don't put my hands on hot stoves or take silly dares or pointless challenges just to prove that I am not afraid ... but I don't fear pain or growing old. I especially do not fear death any more ... becoming weak and giving in to a life governed by my fears, like most other humans, is my greatest fear.