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IdeaActionableNext ActionBackgroundReference AA - Daily Routine January 1, 2016 Do not just workout, TRAIN. Accelerate your processes for LEARNING HOW TO LEARN. Half of what you know will be obsolete within the next year. 24 hrs/day X 3600 secs/hr=86400 secs/day in your life. Manage the moments and the decades build themselves. Fail to manage the moments and your life ends slowly, one second at a time. 
Workflow-As-Code repo on GitHub AA - Daily Routine January 8, 2016 Workflow-As-Code standardizes best practices for a daily workflow, the automates the execution of those practices using Atom as the basis for consistent development environment and a public GitHub repo to encourage others to participate in optimizing a shared standard. Workflow-As-Code is not just about development; it can also be extended a range of routine professional workflow tasks that actually benefit from automation and personal Infrastructure-As_Code 
Fitness -- pre-alpha A -- Do It Now January 15, 2015 Text of 20 minute pitch for 10-slide prezo of MoreFit.Be business plan 10 - 20 -30 
Brainstorm more nanoenterprise ideas A -- Do It Now December 31, 2015 If you want to have a chance of having good ideas, you need be continually developing, sculpting, pivoting, thinkering with LOTS of ideas. Aim to have a MINIMUM of 200 ideas in the pipeline 
Activism -- pre-alpha A -- Do It Now January 21, 2016 Text of 20 minute pitch for 10-slide prezo of business plan 10 - 20 - 30 
Learn GO language. Understand its properties and idioms.  A -- Do It Now January 28, 2016 There are reasons not to learn Go ... run Go’s godoc tool with a command-line argument that tells it to operate as a web server. $ godoc -http=:8000 
Agriculture -- pre-alpha A -- Do It Now January 31, 2016 Text of 20 minute pitch for 10-slide prezo of business plan 10 - 20 - 30 
Emotiv Insight A -- Do It Now February 4, 2016 Emotiv Insight - a sleek, 5-channel, wireless headset that allows you to optimize your brain fitness & performance, and measure & monitor your cognitive health & wellbeing. Emotiv Insight is the only device on the market that offers 5 EEG + 2 reference sensors. Emotiv's brainwear™ incorporates 9-axis inertial sensors, enabling additional features. Sensors include 3-axis gyroscope (roll, pitch, yaw), 3-axis accelerometer (vertical, lateral, longitudinal acceleration), and 3-axis magnetometer (absolute change in position and orientation). Emotiv Insight's API and SDK for developers and researchers includes gyro, mouse, and full head motion detection system linked to control outputs for various applications. 
Economics -- pre-alpha A -- Do It Now February 14, 2016 Text of 20 minute pitch for 10-slide prezo of business plan 10 - 20 - 30 
Engineering -- pre-alpha A -- Do It Now February 25, 2016 Text of 20 minute pitch for 10-slide prezo of business plan 10 - 20 - 30 || A -- Do It Now March 3, 2016 A better mouse app for nanoenterprise ... for locating startup incubators, accelerators, crowdfundors, microfinanciers, microworkers, gygsters, freelancers, consultants, partners, employees 
Learn Erlang A -- Do It Now March 31, 2016 The quest for RT/RT ultra-secure networks is all about approaching zero latency  Use it to build a cloud of FT/RT, ultra-secure network of unikernels, CloudKernel B -- Plan Next Step  Research larger universe of opportunities in smart contracts and nano-enterprises fast-booting nanoenterprises B -- Plan Next Step  Develop business plan  
TWFTR B -- Plan Next Step  Knowledge engineering / search -- develop business plan  
AWarrior.BE B -- Plan Next Step ... the sound of post-government anarchy Notes on the manifesto 
Crowdliness B -- Plan Next Step  Develop business plan C -- Wait For Resources  Develop business plan ... power that listens C -- Wait For Resources  Develop business plan C -- Wait For Resources  Develop business plan  
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